People came up with a new resolution to welcome the new year. Not everyone, of course. Some people just didn’t care about these non-sense goals whatsoever. Neither did I.

For me, resolution is a sacred promise. It’s hard to keep and once you broke it you lied to yourself. I won’t lie to myself. What’s worse than lying to yourself? So I guess life better goes unplanned. As much as I would like to live free without any plan, I cannot. Society was too demanding. They believed that ones should have a plan in life. I have to immediately think of one to avoid being cast out from the noble community.

So I am giving what they want.

Be more responsible. Yes, that’s my resolution, if you insist. More often than not, people acted irresponsibly in their daily life; either as a student, worker, or merely as a human being. I am far from perfect, too. Some people got disappointed in me as I failed to show my responsibility in certain things. It’s simply because nothing’s more irritating than to see an irresponsible person that I chose that very resolution. Stupidity can be cured, but irresponsibility (is it a word?) is a hopeless case.

It’s easier said than done, I realized. So let’s hope this resolution not become only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.