It’s almost three months now since Israel and Palestine plunged into a bitter feud. Three Israeli boys were said to be kidnapped by Hamas and later found dead. The war is on. Israel voraciously bombarding Palestine. Hamas are also being accused of launching rocket to Israel side in Gaza Strip. Israel claimed to be threatened by the attacks and therefore have the right to strike back in the name of protecting their citizens. Although I don’t buy it given the fact that they have the sophisticated Iron Dome.

The war is going gruesomely. Many civilians are killed. The toll is incredibly devastating, with nearly 2.000 people lost their lives. Hamas repeatedly broke truce and gain nothing except Israel’s rage. No such remorse from both parties, for inciting a war that kills thousands of lives.

The saddest part of this is that it’s not the first time the two countries locking their horns. There are countless of wars between them. Many have said that it is going to last until the end of the world, The Judgment Day, as it is suggested in the Bible and Koran. The purpose of the war has never been clear. But the collateral damages are always there and obvious to see: the brutally-killed civilians.

As if the effect of the war is not bad enough, the chain reaction that comes after is never a pleasant thing to see. People starting point their fingers. Curse the both sides in the name of religion. But the war that is raging here is not always about religion. The disputed Gaza is located in a strategic place. There is an economic motive in this war, I guess.

I found a captivating short movie by Nina Paley. Nina also directed her full-length movie ‘Sita Sing the Blues’ that tell tale about Rama and Sinta in Hinduism mythology. The video shows us the people from many backgrounds disputing over a land. The Promised Land, which later turns into either a blessed or a cursed soils, is bathed in blood for thousand of years. Many have fought and died for it. Religions are the most acceptable reason that anyone, who mostly not reside there, can relate it to this matter.

If you see this video, you might want to change your mind that the war is not all about religion.

For full explanation about each character in the video, go here.

In the comment section of the video, you could find an interesting comment that said:

Wrong question. The question is not “Who fought over this patch of land?” but “Why did so many different peoples fight over this patch of land?”

The answer is location, location, location. It is the gateway and the crossroads of entire continents. Africa, Europe, Asia Minor, the Arab states, Turkey, Egypt, the spice route, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean all use this small area for trade, wars, paths for invasion, and migration. Then there was the build up of the first cities in the fertile land in the area which were preyed upon by the steppes and nautical pirates. No wonder it has been fought over for 3,000 years. Good luck in holding onto it!

I admit that when entering the area of religion, I could potentially be regarded as insensitive, even blasphemous, by some people. But in this post I urge you to reconsider.  Let’s not trade any violent words between believers. Your faith has nothing (or least) to do with this war. Let’s cease the war by not creating a new war.

What about the gore images portraying dying children? I, myself, find it heart-breaking too. Fallen victims are gone along with the humanity of their murderer. I condemned the killers and may God bless their sick souls.

The problem is the pictures circulated in social media triggered so many new feud between the readers. Each and every of them are entitled to their condemnation, but sadly, many still pick fight based only on the religion’s point of view. As it is often said: this war is not about religion, it’s about humanity.

Why I urge you to not throw sticks and stones just because of the image you’ve seen? It’s because they’re sometimes misleading. People are only seeing what they want to see. And certain people provide it, in a deceptive manner, to garner big bucks from it. And once the images are provided, people buy it without a crosscheck and use it to slam the blamed party. In this case, the other religion.

Here, a picture that mistakenly went viral in the Internet

article-2544662-1AE7EB9600000578-814_306x354 article-2544662-1AE7EB9F00000578-875_306x354The first image is depicting the war-torn Syria and captioned “The orphaned boy sleeping between his parents’ graves.” But actually it’s a conceptual photo taken by not a war photographer. It went viral because of the hands of some people who want to ignite hatred amongst people.

In many countries with so-called diversity, people are too sensitive and chauvinistic that every matter must have a black sheep. And as you could see, it’s always clear to see who they put the blame onto because of this kind of photo. America, Israel, Arab, Moslems, Jewish, Christians, terrorist, Zionist and any labeling that attributed to a certain bad demeanor is going viral in social media. Hurt everyone of its members of those sick labels.

In some cases, the media is playing tricks on you, too. The misleading photos are often published to jack up its circulation or to win an award for the photographer.

Media ManipulationThus the bottom line is, let’s make peace by not offending other members of religions, nations, or races. Don’t create Israel-Palestine 2.0. Because one war is already a tragedy.

If the prophecy of the end of the world has to be fulfilled to put an end of this war, I’m so waiting for that day. The day that never comes.