Mother, for me, will always be seen as a source of life. I cannot describe how thankful I am to have such a good mom. Her devotion to nurture, take care and raise, or whatever terms you might think suitable to describe it, is undoubtedly sincere. Every mother should gain the same respect, too, for delivering us to this world.

Now that I am older, my whole perspective is totally changed. I realize that not every woman is a good mom. There’s an old saying that when a woman is ready to receive a big responsibility to raise a kid, God will answer her prayer and give her a baby. Unfortunately, oftentimes that is certainly not the case.

For some women, they simply fuck and reproduce. That’s it.

No God-interference thing whatsoever here. Although I still believe pregnancy is in the area of God’s authority that anyone cannot step into. All I am saying is that every woman, the fertile ones of course, could be a mother. Yet, not all of them can make a good mom.

I see too much unthoughtfulness, if not stupidity, from many mothers treating their babies. One day I saw a woman riding a motorcycle with two babies without any safety protection, not even a pair of trousers and sweater to protect them from cold.

The other day, I happened to witness a female street musician (usually called pengamen in Indonesia). With her out-of-tune voice, she sang and held an estimated three-months old baby in her arms. Three fucking months old! The skin of the newborn is still red. Carrying-baby street musicians is a common phenomenon in Indonesia. They could be their own kid or a rented kid. They do so to increase the pity effect – to gain more money from passersby. The little boy should have been sleeping in his cozy room and don’t give a shit about his parents’ poverty.

Using toddlers to gain welfare in the streets is against every norm as a human being. They exposed to ultraviolet, smoke of cigarettes, let alone cars emission in already heavy-polluted air. Have they ever heard about upper respiratory tract infections or other respiratory condition? I don’t think so. If they know, I think it wouldn’t change anything though. They always have smart-ass economic reasons to do so. What a prick. Here’s a quick suggestion: if you are poor or stupid, always use condoms!

An amateur mother, I saw on the other day, make another attempt to kill the baby. I believe many moms out there have done the same thing – feeding their kid with junk food. Her approximately one-year old boy threw tantrum in her lap. In order to comfort him, she opened a pack of potato chips and told him to eat it. The boy calmed down, busy chewing. A random woman beside the mother ask her why did she gave him such high-calories, MSG-flavored and salted snack. She blatantly answered that she gave it to merely shut the boy up. I think she could use a punch in the face to realize something has gone awry in her mind.

Having a baby does not automatically give you a title of a good mom. You should earn it. Be the best mom of your kid even for a slightest thing. You can learn it from anything, like reading. Yeah, I know it’s boring and burn fewer calories than fucking but you should give it a try. Like seriously.