It’s been three years and five days I am existing on this site, pouring out my rambling thoughts. Many days goes by, many things are learned. I remember I don’t quite confident when I decided to write and publish my own so-called article publicly for the first time. Everyone, I believe, must have experienced this feeling.

It’s like wearing a glasses for the first time. You’ll feel not comfortable because there’s a solid thing hanging awkwardly on your upper nose and suspect that everyone is staring at you. I can tell how it feels because I had to wear one, too. My sight is not as sharp as it was. Computer did this to me.

To start a blog (I’m still confused whether blog is a noun or verb) is no different than that. You’re too busy thinking what others might thinking about you. As a matter of fact, like when you wear the glasses, they don’t care that much.

Sara Barailles in her song ‘King of Anything’ sang,

You’ve got opinions, man. We’re all entitled to ’em. But I never asked.

This lyric – minus ‘But I never asked’ part – is quite encouraging whenever you feel your thoughts are too insignificant to be published and read by people. Unfortunately you’re wrong if you think so. You have a full right to be heard, or read in this case. It’s no problem at all if anyone has never asked you about a certain thing. You can write anything in your blog. Be it informative, educative, or even entertaining article.

It’s not your concern anymore whether the readers enjoy your article and how they react to it. As Barthes famously put it, “The author is dead.”

As for me, I write because I believe that anyone must have something that anybody else don’t know yet. I tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than someone appreciating your works because they found it useful in a way that you can not even imagine it might be. Something you know for so long might be something new for others. Don’t keep it to yourself, share it! You don’t know how much it means to them. Actually I’m not really sure my writings are quite important to them. 🙂

As I grow older I decide to challenge myself: all of next post here will be mainly written in English. Why? Because after three years of writing, I learned quite a lot about Bahasa Indonesia. So I guess it’s time to move on to a new thing, one that I’m not good at till’ today. I have a dream to proficiently writing in English, for crying out loud! But don’t worry if you still interested in my post written in Bahasa Indonesia, you can find me on Also if it is possible you can read the translated version of my post here on that site.