Once upon a time…

People were too lazy to write.

People were more focused on their own problems.

People prayed to God in silence.

Cynisicm was taboo.

Blabbering was considered a time-wasting activity.

People aware of, at least, using subject and verb to form a sentence.

Food were meant only to be eaten not photographed.

People kept words of wisdom to themselves.

It took qualified lecturer to teach a subject.

Phone battery lasts longer.

Only dogs that used “I was here” mark in new places they check into.

There was a fine line between smart and smarty pants.

People had enough sleep.

Any random feeling remain untold.

Only The Almighty who have many believers.

Brutal dispute only happened between countries which have different interest.

Condemning a particular person didn’t involve telling it to all people.

Verbal abuses only cool among fifth graders.

Instead of talking, people would have a meal when they’re hungry.

Real blogs – not micro – were hailed as a mean to publish writing.

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