So I know a girl named Time. Time is the most untamed, unbeatable girl in this world, no matter who you are. Time by the way, is the hottest girl in town. Every man keep thinking about her. Everybody is longing to get along with her as long as possible. 24 hours per day is sometimes not enough for certain people. “I wish I had more time,” “So little time so much to do,” are common utterance, if not complaint, to show the need of more Time.

I, myself, have a tough relationship with Time. Sometimes we don’t talk that much, she goes her own way, I go my way. I often sleep without her. I betray her by sleeping too late. When I got along with my friends I abandon her, and act as if she doesn’t exist. I often cheated on her by not looking at her face whenever I postpone doing things until the last minutes of a given deadline. I don’t even got in touch with her for one year for a lousy, yet still sexy, girl named video game.

So now she takes revenge for every wrongdoing I ever did to her. She makes me dying for her. When I asked her out, she didn’t show up. Now, she doesn’t allow me to meet up my friend, to watch The Simpsons while I’m eating, to play Counter Strike.

We’ve known each other for approximately 25 years, 9.125 days, 219.600 hours, 13.176.000 minutes, 790.560.000 seconds, but that doesn’t make her go easy on me. I am the one who should understand her. I have to deal with this one-sided relationship.

Do I deserve this? Probably yes. If I treat her properly in the first place, she might not be so angry like now. I spoiled myself too much that I don’t care for her. Now it’s my turn to feel her rage. I accept it. I’ll wait for her to be kind to me again.

So now if you’re having a good relationship with Time , treat her well, because you know she gets upset easily. I should’ve not abandoned her, because now I pay the price.

In the mean time I’ll be waiting for her to get herself together and keep wearing my watch.