Movie for me, is the best alternative learning media. It is a version of more fun, colorful, audible book. We can learn anything from a movie since it is always made by a certain philosophy and has aimed to deliver certain messages to the viewers. At this moment we can’t expect much from our local movies. It taught you nothing than there’s a ‘pocong’ who haunted some people, I mean hot girls, who accidentally get involved in superstitious activity, and sometimes even if it’s not related to the plot at all, if you’re lucky enough (or should I say we get lucky most of the time), you can find those hot girls topless, or in any other seductive way, they are actually sighing when they’re talking the whole time until the end of the movie.

Of course you can all take conclusion by the first paragraph that the best film, which I’d like to review in this post is not the local one. I’ll be glad to let other people to review it. I watched a lot of film until now so with that thought, and with such an adequate repertoire, I dare myself to write a review of a movie, even though I’m not expertise in it or majoring in cinematography. All in all, I positioned myself as viewer to write this review. I’d like to review a BBC documentary movie.

BBC is the oldest broadcasting company in England. It expands their field of business from a radio station to a multi entertainment channel. It also produces good movies. I collect some of them in my computer. It taught you a lot of things, trust me. The movie I’d like to review is Human Body. A documentary which each of us should watch since we can relate all of this matter in this movie with yourself to get to know more about your own body. I decided to find this movie on the internet after I watched a movie, also a documentary, which is broadcasted on National Geographic. In this documentary we can learn the life of pilot whales in the open sea. Yes, it also broadens me as I get to know of how they live their life in their habitat but then I thought to myself, if I’m happy to know much about whale how come I’m not eager to know the science of the most significant, related to me as a person yet sometimes ignored and pretend like we know much, our own body.

This documentary is presented by a doctor named Robert Winston. He hosts this documentary in such entertaining yet knowledgeable way. He sometimes used a metaphoric scene to elaborate a difficult matter of human body science. He, the old Robert Winston, even rides a roller coaster to explain raging teens. This documentary is divided into seven parts. Each part, which is packaged in approximately 50-minutes duration, represents the phase of all humans must be encountered with. From the first part which explains birth to the seventh part which consist death of a man. The man who had been filmed in this movie is a Deutchman, Herbie, who suffered an acute cancer. He and his wife Hannelorre, agreed to be filmed in this movie. This couple wanted to contribute Herbie death experience purely to broaden the viewer’s concept of death per se. I learn a lot from it.

The whole seven parts of this movie offer you a new perspective of human body. It is presented in such decent cinematography, which is involving sophisticated CGI and advance technology to emerge the deep inside of the human body. To quote from Forrest Gump remarkable movie’s tagline “The world will never be the same, once you’ve seen it through the eyes of [BBC].”

I encounter with some of interesting opinions which were uttered by my friends as I give this movie to them. My first friend said that this movie contains a little bit blasphemy since he watched the part of the movie where Winston is explaining a bone inside our ear drum sized of a grain of rice. Winston, like many other scientists is a Darwinian, who believes in evolution theory. He said that the bone image which is enlarged hundred times is more like a fish’s fin. So it might be possible that human ancestor is a fish. I don’t blame my friend for what he believes in, but I said to him that he may fail to see the bigger picture here. In my opinion, when you talk about science, you have to put aside your faith in a safe deposit box. It is important because sometimes, like we all know, science doesn’t get along with religion. Why don’t give science a chance to broaden your knowledge? You can decide whether it is against your faith or not after you watch the entire movie. You can’t tell the movie this and that if you only watch it partly. My other friend gave a rather interesting opinion. He said that how can be possible people become agnostics or even atheists when they know such complication of the human body. Why are they rejecting the fact that they are indeed a creature made by God’s hand?  The concept of creating a complicated organism, like human, is impossible to be performed by human or even a sophisticated technology like what Scientologist people believe in. For this subject I wouldn’t agree more. But then again, like the theory of existence which I read before. It’s obvious that the nothingness , in certain extent, is counted as being, too. It exists by the way it is choosing not to be existing. I find it suitable to answer the concept of atheism to this friend of mine. To believe in no God is called a belief as well, no?

I’d say if you love the sophistication of CGI in Inception, the agony in My Sister’s Keeper, the questioning of God’s existence in Dogma, the problem of public speaking in King’s Speech, the brain issue which is caused by drugs in Trainspotting, you would easily fall in love with this movie. This movie contemplates most of all important things in human’s life; the births, the faith, the death, the agony of daily live, the responsibility of a person as an individual or as a part of society. And most important thing is getting to know how your body works.

You can simply download this worth watching movie on Youtube. It is divided into seven parts and it may take long to download it all but then again, it’s worth waiting and watching.

Enjoy watching!