I believe that someday when I get old I would start forgetting things. I once read an article in a magazine.  It is said that writing and or reading may stimulate your brain cells to keep working. I don’t get the idea of this article, at first. How come these activities may keep your brain ‘alive’. But then as I read more of the paragraphs and find other sources I began to know that writing or reading are counted as brain activity. Keeping your brain working is really important so that your brain will not literally dead. Lesson is learned. So now before I start forgetting things I would like to write about my past time memories. Not only to electrify my brain with stimulation but also as a tool of reminder to my nice old-time in the future (when I start forgetting things). 😀I grew up in a decent neighborhood. Most kids at my era lived at the same decent neighborhood. I’m referring a decent neighborhood to a nice environment, where there’s still a wide empty field to play in, without being blocked by tall buildings. The air was still fresh, the pollution was at tolerable level. In a decent neighborhood you can easily find interesting creatures that you can play with. Kids were running here and there. It makes our feet stronger than today’s kids who sit before TV or computer playing video games.

Here are the memorable things in my childhood;

Dysdercus cingulatus Fabricius

Bapak Pucung, I don’t know why I called this creature by that name. My parent taught me that. I search the Latin name of this creature by googling. Believe me it is not an easy thing to do. I even ask an online insect’s database yet I don’t get satisfying answer. Thanks to a stranger in America who responds my curiosity. Now I know the Latin name of this creature, Dysdercus cingulatus – Fabricius. I usually captured some of them with my friends and put it in box just to watch it WALKING here and there. Yes, you may find this useless but at our age, this could be so entertaining. Trust me, it’s more entertaining than watching a confused celebrity in an infotainment show who cannot differentiate the meaning of the word entertain and entertainment. 😀

Kerosene Ship

Kapal-kapalan Minyak Tanah (Ship with kerosene engine) This is my favorite toy. My mom even did not allow me to go to the traditional market with her, knowing that I would whine all day just to get her to buy this advanced toy. This ship is motored by a simple engine which use kerosene as its fuel. There’s a fuse which you should burn to turn the propeller on. The propeller then create a driving force so that the ship could be move on a bucket filled with water. No need to be in the Navy to know how the ship works. I even know how the ship could be floating in water because there is an empty space in the ship that reverse the energy to keep it’s floating in a stable position before it was taught in school. I realized that knowledge in my era is as cheap as the price of this simple ship, which you can find in a traditional market. That ship is priceless.

Ngadu Ulet (Caterpillar’s Fight) I found this video on youtube. I’m glad that I’m not the one who played this cheap yet fun toy. This is actually not a caterpillar but it’s a leaflet of wild spinach. You can easily find it in a field but it’s hard to find now. First of all we pick two nails and stick it into soil and span a rubber band between the two nails. The leaflet is placed in the track made by the rubber band. Then I and my friend scratch each nail with a stone. The fastest leaflet which could reach the center of the rubber band, crash and take the leaflet of the enemy down is the winner. Well my friend, I tell you, it is safer than to crash yourself into a train. Guess Bruno Mars didn’t have a chance to play this safe-crash toy to prove his strong love.

Tv Series

TV series, At my era there were no much TV stations just like now. We only have two stations at that time. The first is TVRI which broadcasted motion picture in black-white and the second is RCTI and it’s full colored!!! My favorite TV shows at that time were Wonder woman, Airwolf and The Incredible Hulk.

Wonder Woman is a heroine who is also hot, although I don’t really know the definition of ‘hot’ itself at that time. What I most remembered from Wonder Woman is that she would spin herself to change herself into a heroine with full resembling-America-flag costume. My girl friend in elementary school even spun her body while cried “Wonder woman” but her hand crashed so hard into a wall. Instead of changing into Wonder Woman, she cried out loud and changed herself into a cry baby and made everybody panic. That’s why I still remembered Wonder Woman till today.  😀

Airwolf is the codename of a supersonic military helicopter which is used to undertook various missions. For kids, everything that flying is a WOW! That’s why when you asked children of what they want to be when they grow up, most of them will answer pilot or astronaut. Airwolf is painted in black and that’s made it more mysterious to me.

The Incredible Hulk series is more interesting that the movie version. The size of the Hulk in this series is more manly while in the movie is looked more like monster to me. That is a bad side of CGI. CGI make imagination runs wild without referring to real life.

RAMBO. My Hero

RAMBO Okay I put Rambo in different section from TV series and wrote in capital because it is a movie and most of all he’s my ROLE MODEL! This tough guy really change my world. He made me brave to live this cruel world. He even took out a bullet from his arm and stitched it back with his sterilized knife. Such an independent figure. RAMBO means a lot to me because it is the first word that I wrote…in my life! You may ask my family if you don’t believe it. I wrote RAMBO everywhere with my pencil, on walls, books, someone’s cloth, even my bible. I hope Sylvester Stallone read this post. Sir, I love you wholeheartedly and you have my respect. *with serious face*