The Parson’s Tale written by Geoffrey Chaucer and The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri are classic literary works about seven deadly sins that most people fall into. Dante, in his writing even sets plan of what he later called Plan of Dante’s Inferno. He wanted to create The Earthly Paradise by providing a purgatory for the seven sins. In Catholicism, purgatory is a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven. Simply saying, purgation is a purification or spiritual cleansing of a soul in purgatory. It’s like pre-heaven phase. So you can’t go straight to heaven before you’re washed away in purgatory. I myself am not a Catholic, so if there’s anything misinterpreted, I’m open to critiques.

In the land of purgatory there are seven terraces for each sin. The seven terraces of purgation:

The proud

The envious

The wrathful

The slothful

The greedy

The lustful

The gluttonous

This blog is about the top two of the sin’s list. The bases of mocking and judging people are always the pride and the envy. Most people can’t get away with it as their ego driven them into such a monster with pride. Regard himself as a superior compared to others. People are full of hatred these days. Spread the negativity either by the talk or action. They spit when they talk. Words come out without consideration of a chance that it might hurt those who hear it. It sometimes comes out without purpose. It makes me ill. Even fart comes out with a purpose. It releases gas that makes your stomach feel relieved.

It’s a lot easier to seek someone’s weaknesses than to find failure on ourselves. We are all the sons of no respecting value of humanity. Judging something is black or white, right or wrong almost as easy as spelling ABC. It takes no further analysis without elaborating background motives. Who cares about the background? We are a generation who taught to gain result as fast as possible without considering the process. It is what Google good at. It displays thousands of results in milliseconds without knowing the whole content of the website. Even the smart Google did display thousands of result in order to enrich our preference, because Google only found the keyword. It offers option to us. You can narrow down the search result by typing double quotation mark in the beginning and in the end of the keyword. Ironically, in the real world, it’s hard to find people like Google. They use too many double quotation marks so the result is far too narrowed down, near reach zero result. People are lack of preference that they easily judging others by his look, earning, cars or even women he’s dating to. That’s not fair enough.

The subject of most famous joke is mostly talked about masculinity. We can’t deny this fact. We’re a generation who lived in patriarchal system. I pity them who make fun of Justin Bieber. Calling him a faggot or old man with plastic surgery did not stopping him from success. I do like him, I admit it. I like his music. Maybe people envy him just because he’s such a big hit in his early debut. While for the hater, I don’t know if they have any achievement as big as his. Who knows someday Bieber will replace Michael Jackson as a music legend who start his career since childhood. You may insult me for listening to his music but I prefer so than to join the euphoria of all of you if he someday turns to music legend. Just because he’s cute doesn’t mean he’s a fag (I can’t believe myself I wrote this, LOL). I love Justin Bieber as much as I love Michael Jackson. IN MUSICAL WAY.

The value of masculinity is narrowed down as time goes by. There are such standards to masculinity. It is the opposite of Teddy Bear song, sung by Elvis Presley. Men should play rough like a tiger. The determinant of masculinity is now as simple as you like football. You’re not a man enough if you don’t like football. You’re not a man enough if you play with dolls. This is crap. How can be a major issue such masculinity defined as simple as that? For some people watching football match is not quite entertaining. But does that make someone less manly than the other who enjoys watching football? Too bad it is a yes. The people are misleading by the mindset. They’re only thinking to what they taught for centuries without developing other possibility. What an ignorant. So if another false consciousness developed for centuries taught people to measure manhood by playing Barbie, people would easily talking crap to those men who don’t play Barbie and prefer to play video game. Call me cynical for saying this, but hey I offer you an option to broaden your knowledge instead of judging here and there by your shallow knowledge.

People are great at mocking people, in the name of joke. Consider you’re a stand-up comedian. It’s hard to make people laugh. Rowan Atkinson, well-known as Mr. Bean before he had his own show was a stand-up comedian. He stands before a lot of audiences and make joke, alone. However Atkinson manages to embrace the audience by his funny gesture or make fun of certain great people. I once watched his stand-up comedy which makes fun of Jesus. I found it funny although it’s a little bit offensive. Throwing a joke sometimes need a sarcastic statement to make it funny. But when you’ve gone too far with the sarcastic part, the joke has lost its essence and your audience may accept it as a humiliation for them. People are taking this mistakenly. It’s too easy to laugh at others’ stupidity than to laugh at ours. I called it as a practical joke created by not so brilliant thinking. They just don’t know how to stop make fun of people before someone punch them in the face. They’re so blinded by the pride that they don’t realize it is annoying and trying so hard to make people laugh without any harder effort. Come on, it’s boring.

Premature judgment prevent someone to broad his knowledge. It refuses the other fact that might be a better answer than the established knowledge. Maybe you should keep this mindset, pretend that ‘you were right’ and ignore the fact that ‘you are right’, for other possibility is possible. As well spoken by Erich Fromm, “The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.”

To gain respect, first you have to learn to respect others. TREAT THEM AS HUMAN BEING.

Silence is golden, golden But my eyes still see Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep Even though there is nowhere to go (Tremeloes-Silence is golden)