Am I a sinner

If I don’t finish my dinner?

While other people live in hunger


In every aspect, I’d do my best

But sometimes I think my life is a mess

Even if it fails I may demand for more chances

While other people have no choice


My house is definitely cozy

While other people are busy

Piling up cartons to sleep in the night (breezy)


I feel enchanted

To know that my assignment’s score is overrated

Although sometimes I cheated

While other people do not have chance to be educated


Well, I think I have to be more grateful

Because my life is not shameful

I don’t want to be a fool

Not everyone can say “I’m full.”

Photos were taken by me in Pasir Koja, Bandung, West Java, ID.

These kids beggars were spread across the street, collect penny using dust remover to clean cars windows. What really ironic is sometimes they’re accompanied by their parents, watched them from a distance.