Twitter is widely known as a social media that allows people to update their status. The ‘What’s happening?’ tab was meant to inform other people what is currently happening so that people aware that something is going on. Yet Twitter users are mostly over-reacted. They tweet too much of themselves without knowing when to stop. It’s annoying. People don’t care that much of what you are doing, eating or where you are going. Call me cynical but hey I know the definition of freedom of speech. For me, it means you can tell anyone, anythiiiing but please not ‘every little tiny thing’ that you do.

This is true to some extent. To tweet pointless blabbering status, Indonesian people are experts. Everyday there are new useless or frankly speaking meaningless Trending Topics, like they got nothing less important thing to do. They talked about Ariel’s scandal even alay phenomenon (Amazing, now you can find alay definition on Wikipedia). It’s easy to be famous in Indonesia as long as you have a Twitter account. Say or do anything stupid, then voila! You’re on Trending Topic.

Speaking of Trending Topic on twitter, Indonesians are the most ‘creative’ people. FYI, Indonesia is listed as the top five biggest countries on Twitter based on user numbers and tweet volume. To make it worse, they concern almost in every little absurd things that most people might think it’s not important.

For an instance the TT for some time ago were mostly talked about how Malaysia supporter cheat the final match of AFF by using laser to distract National Team football players. I always knew from the beginning that the match between Malaysia versus Indonesia would be more like political match rather than a football match. Both countries are dispute each other for God know how long, so the match would be more sensitive for National Team and off course, the whole nation.

Irfan Bachdim’s charm brings Indonesia’s football supporter to a new level. The girls, who apparently do not like sports that much, suddenly became football maniac. Those girls’ sights are indulged by Irfan’s pretty face.

The supporting act of National Team is getting bigger due to the winnings of National Team through the final and the charm of Irfan Bachdim. The support turns into so-called nationalism. Euphoria of the AFF Cups makes people in Indonesia at least forget about the bigger issues that still haunted Indonesia, for a while. Mass media no longer cover Lapindo, Gayus and other cases with poor-law enforcement in this country.

This temporary nationalism turned chaotic when Malaysian using laser in the final match. Most Indonesian people are offended by the incident. Twitter users in Indonesia response quickly by uttering their feelings about the disappointing match on Twitter. In the matter of a minute the hatred towards Malaysia became Trending Topic. The hatred rapidly spread like mushrooms in the winter. Both, Indonesian and Malaysian wrote harsh words toward each other. They defend their so-called nationalism, the pride of a nation.

They blamed each other as if they’re saints. Those ‘hatred TT’ remained on top for a few days until media show the tape that Indonesia supporters using laser too in the previous match which held in Gelora Bung Karno stadium. The hatred seems to be vanished in a blink of an eye and changed into congratulation to Malaysia team who won the match.

A few days ago, I read timeline of my friend who works in Jakarta Post. He tweets about the hearing of Abu Bakar Baasyir in the court. Baasyir called SBY, our respected president as Kafir (related to blasphemy). Baasyir says so because he thought that SBY did not implement Islam teaching in leading this country.

After reading my friend’s timeline, I check on trending topic. Boom, SBY Kafir became trending topic, worldwide trending topic. Yes, it is shameful. Our president became an object of public’s mock and now the whole world can see it. I click on the TT tab. I skim the TT, mostly it’s retweeted from a twitter account of a national tv news. But what made me laugh is a retweet with added comment. They tweet “Stop saying that SBY is a kafir.” I laugh out loud. Those people are against to the idea of mocking the president yet at the same time promote the TT.

You know the trending topic is based on the keywords. So no matter how you against the mocking, as long as you use keyword…SBY…kafir, then it still remains the same. They help to promote the trending topic. It makes me laugh and at the same time pity them. LOL.

Judging from the ever-changing Trending Topic I may call Indonesian Twitter users as impulsive. They are easily provoked by something without gaining new understanding through seeing things from different perspectives. It’s like the sensor on your finger-tips, too sensitive.

Your status (might) represent your characteristic. So think twice before you tweet. A pen is sharper than a sword!